Friday, November 21, 2008

Weekend update # 31

One fish, two fish, red fish.....

So here we are....

Friday November 21st 2008.

Welcome to the weekend.

Tonight is our "Pizza and Movie" night.

There are other ingredients, but we don't want to excite the children.

We began this shortly after being married. a friend gave us a pizza stone and some other pizza related stuff and said it was one of the secrets to a happy marriage.

Who are we to argue with such things?

So we began making our own pizzas.

Now, it is no secret that my dream job is Pizza Guy.

For those who have not heard me go on and on about this dream I will offer the abridged version.

Pizza guy is the best job ever.

you must be pizza guy in a pizza joint where you hand toss the dough.

When you are back there in the kitchen throwing dough, girls think you are cute, guys think you are cool, and kids want to be you.

When the pizza is made wrong, is delivered late, it is not pizza guy's fault.

If you are pizza guy in a neighborhood and you go into the store down the street, people almost celebrate you.

"Hey Pizza Guy"...they might say.

Or..."Yo..Pizza Guy".

And if you are in the right pizza can be scruffy and unkempt...and it just adds to your mystique....

Alas...I am not Pizza Guy.

I was once. But not now.

I wonder if it is like that old adage.."If you don't surf never did"?

So if you are not Pizza Guy now...maybe you never were?

Something to ponder.

I don't know where I was going with this...but I really wish I was Pizza Guy today.

But I am not.

I am Fish Guy. Not to be confused with Fish.

Fish Guy is not as well received as Pizza Guy.

Mainly because Fish Guy fish. Or Fish.

Not pepperoni and semolina flour.

And let's face it...pepperoni smells better than fish. And usually better than Fish.

Well...maybe not.

But probably to most.

You ever been on a plane and someone opens up a pepperoni stick? That spicy, beefy smell takes over the whole plane.

I want to be that guy.

Pizza Guy...eating a pepperoni stick on the way to some place cool.

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