Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Baited Sweetness

A razor’s edge through sand
tailing into a fold behind me.

Perfect trim is not a state
known by the physical

But made of the physical
and transient memories.

The sweet breath scattered
muses over her supple back

Demure shoulders where
life, it seemed, would slow.

But one cannot wait

Returning to her power,
her gift, Her.

Bowing to my lover
to let her anoint my head with her sweetness.

And the sun warmed my body.
but not again this day

All aplogies (posted elsewhere a long time ago)

If I have ever made you feel like you were not good enough,
If my arrogance has ever hurt you, or pushed you away,
If my condescending tone has left you with a poor taste of yourself,
My own weakness shines.

If I made you feel unworthy,
know it is me that does not fit.

If I cheated you, or slept around,
know it is my own unworthiness that I spoke to.

To have never fit in, unless amongst those that no longer fit.

If I beat you, it was not my strength that bloodied you.
If I yelled, it was not you I was yelling at.
If I ran you away,know that it is me that I am scared of.

If I hid inside of you, held you too close, wanted for the security of you,
Know it is my own unworthiness that hungered for you.

There is no hiding it any longer.
There is nowhere to run to now.
These wounds bleed.
There are no scars.

And you have all of my apologies.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Go figure

I no longer give a fuck.


See, the more I let go, the more I gain.

It's an interesting equation. I persoanlly think it defies logic completely...laughs in it's face really.

So I guess I kind of like it.

But I really truly no longer care.

Except for the things I do.

Which is most things.

But if I no longer care I get even more to care for and about.

and somehow she sees me as an incredible man.

Not a wonderful person, but specifically an incredible man.

Go figure.